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42 Deckard Street Unit 3

42 Deckard Street Unit 3

393 River St. | Mattapan

393 River St. | Mattapan

42 Deckard St. Unit 2 | Boston

42 Deckard St. Unit 2 | Boston

42 Deckard St. Unit 2 | Boston

42 Deckard St. Unit 2 | Boston

322-324 W 4th St, Unit 6 | S. Boston

322-324 W 4th St, Unit 6 | S. Boston

28 Hallowell St. | Mattapan

28 Hallowell St. | Mattapan

2 Mill Hill Road, Randolph

2 Mill Hill Road, Randolph

322-324 W 4th St, Unit 6 | S. Boston

322-324 W 4th St, Unit 6 | S. Boston

322-324 W 4th St, Unit 6 | S. Boston

322-324 W 4th St, Unit 6 | S. Boston

99 Devon St. | Dorchester

99 Devon St. | Dorchester

17 Gaston St Unit 3 | Dorchester

17 Gaston St Unit 3 | Dorchester

17 Gaston St. Unit 3 | Dorchester

17 Gaston St. Unit 3 | Dorchester

239 Norfolk St. Unit E | Dorchester

239 Norfolk St. Unit E | Dorchester

239 Norfolk St. Unit E | Dorchester

239 Norfolk St. Unit E | Dorchester




Client Testimonial

We chose Mia Cameron to sell our three family house because I thought it would be on the market a long time. Mia's first open house showing- we got six offers. Unbelievable!! We closed on the property in less than eight weeks. We were over joyed and thankful. Mia is punctual, professional, knowledgeable about the process and helpful. She was with us every step of the way. I would recommend Mia to family and friends. 


Princess and Errol Lloyd

Selling Your House With The Cameron Group

Backed by a proven process, Compass listings spend 19 fewer days on market than the industry average.  Fewer days on market mean a more seamless seller experience and more value for you.


When selling your home, there are no guarantees that a buyer will simply walk through the front door. There are steps that you need to take so that your property receives maximum exposure to attract a ready, willing and able buyer. 


The appearance of your home, a buyer's first impression, and other considerations can also affect the sale of your home. Have you considered that home prices in your neighborhood and the value of your property are also factors used for pricing your home? In many cases you may have to bring your home to the buyer. Effective marketing will help ensure that your home is sold in a timely manner at the best price.


View our Transaction Timeline and Marketing Timelines to learn about the steps we'll take to show in its best light to potential buyers.  

Compass Tools for Sellers

Discover recent real estate trends in your area using a simple zip code search

Insights Tool

Insights empower your Compass agent to take a data-driven approach to selling your home. Armed with real-time data about your listing’s traffic, your agent can refine marketing and pricing strategy and discover lead-generation opportunities 

Network Tools

Using the Network Tool, your Compass agent can analyze your property across 350+ parameters to determine similar sold listings, identify the right brokers and correspond with ideal prospective buyers through a series of email campaigns and targeted outreach.  

Valuation Tool

Compass technology enable you to sell smarter with data.  The Valuation  tool, complete with advance  in-building view and rich search capabilities, allows your Compass agent to instantaneously compare your home with similar properties to accurately determine its value.  

Tools For Sellers
Info & Resources

4 Tips For The Savvy Seller

4 Tips For The Savvy Seller

Taken from COMPASS | Inside Our Homes | Issue 1

Preparing Your Home For Sale

Your property is likely your most valuable investment. Therefore, it is essential to prepare it for sale effectively.  Buyers are varied in their experience in their home search; some are first-time home buyers, investors, or empty-nesters.  While many buyers can see past paint colors to the bones of a home, some unfortunately cannot.  Therefore, preparing your home so that it appeals to the widest population of buyers and attracts the highest offer is essential in the sale process.  We are here to guys you every step of the way. 

1. Create Curb Appeal

If your home is a Single Family Home or Townhouse, creating curb appeal can be accomplished by minor landscaping and clean-up.  Curb appeal attracts a buyer since it is the first image they see when viewing the digital listing or when driving by the property.  Without curb appeal, some buyers decide not to see the home altogether.  If your home is a condo, it is important that common areas and entryways are clean and clear.  

2. Paint 

A fresh coat of paint throughout creates a clean and updated feel. Also, it is important to keep paint colors neutral.  While some buyers love bold colors, some do not and it is best to appeal everyone. 

3. Clean + Edit

Remove personal items so that buyers can focus on the space + specs of the property. We often advise buyers on which items should be stored and which should remain so that the home still has a "lived-in" feel. 

4. Staging

If a home is vacant, staing is important to showcase how one might furnish and live in a space. Staging can vary from full staging  to supplemental staging, to virtual staging.  We are able to assess a home's staging needs and after the most cost-effective solutions.  

Transactiion Timeline
Your Transaction Timeline

  1.    Position


Evaluate comparable properties

Analyze market trends

Competitively price

Recommend lawyer

Discuss Closing Costs


  2.    Prepare


Marketing Strategy

Listing preparation (staging, floorplan, photography)



Client questionnaires


  3.    Launch


MLS and syndication





  4.   Market


Print and digital advertising

Print collateral

Targeted mailers and email campaigns


  5.    Show


Broker events

Open houses

Lead follow-up

Gather prospective buyer feedback

  6.    Update


Client progress reports

Listing statistics

Price assessment

  7.    Negotiate


Contingency removal

  8.    Escrow






  9.    Close


Sales report

      Your Marketing Timeline


Working with our Compass in-house marketing and advertising agency, The Cameron Group will target the right audience across the most effective channels with a cohesive brand – all to elevate the style and story of your home.

1.    Staging

Appliance upgrades


Virtual staging


2.    Imagery

Daytime photography

Twilight photography

Aerial footage

Lifestyle video


3. Floorplan

Traditional floorplan

Virtual walkthrough



4. Listing Launch

MLS Syndication



5.  Signage

Townhouse sign

Window decal

Open house sign



6. Email Campaign

Property announcement

Open House invitations

Company email inclusions




7. Print Campaign




Public relations



8. Digital Campaign

Paid social media promotion

Feature on Compass channels





9. Events

Brokers’ open house

Open house

Special events

Marketing Timeline
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