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Client Testimonials

Mia is perfect, she helped me and my family buy our first house and all settled in less than a month. She's willing to answer all questions and shows her expertise in everything she does. Thank you!

Sebastien Yan

My wife and I were looking for an investment property that would meet our present financial means. So we contacted Mia to help us find the property that was with in our means. I found her to be very active in searching for the types of properties in the Roxbury section of Boston that were well maintained and economically advantages for us.  I also found her to be very knowledgeable about the pros and cons of purchasing property, which was very helpful in the negotiation process. She has always been available and never too busy, we always felt as if we were her only client. We now owe a well maintained two family house in Roxbury thanks to Mia. 


Mark and Bernice Taylor


Buying your new home is a serious venture. Your house is not just your home, it is a serious investment in the dwelling, the area and your future. When buying a home you're bound to have many questions. For example, "In what area can I find a home that suits my needs?", "How much money will I need to afford the monthly payments?" and "How long will the home buying process take?" Contact us for help with your questions.  In the meantime, click below  for resources that can help you in the process.   


The Fort Hill Brokerage Group partners with you throughout your home search, providing our expertise and deep knowledge of the Greater Boston real estate market to help you find a home you love. 


The Fort Hill Brokerage has a proven track record of working with investors and developers to connect them with desirable investment properties and managing their transactions in a timely manner.   With access to hundreds of agents and longstanding relationships in the world of Boston real estate and in the community, the Fort Hill Brokerage Group can help investors and developers get a jump on before-market and off-market opportunities, that provide them with profitable returns. 




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