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Client Testimonials

What sellers are saying...

Sellers Testimony

"We chose Mia Cameron to sell our three family house because I thought it would be on the market a long time. Mia's  first open house showing- we got six offers. Unbelievable!! We closed on the property in less than eight weeks. We  were over joyed and thankful. Mia is punctual, professional, knowledgeable about the process and helpful. She was  with us every step of the way. I would recommend Mia to family and friends. 


 Princess and Errol Lloyd


"Very knowledgeable about the rental neighborhood in the city and very hard-working. Rented my units in a timely  fashion. We were very lucky to have her our team "


Franklin Redd

"Ms. Mia Cameron used her expertise and professionalism to represent me in selling a property in an efficient and  quick fashion and I was over 1500 miles away from Boston. Her attentiveness to detail, my needs and the needs of the  buyer expedited things and made the whole experience very simple for me. Her communication skills laid each step  out for me and she provided all information I needed in a timely manner. I would highly recommend Mia to anyone  primarily because of her professionalism, her attention to detail and due to her customer satisfaction skills."


Frank V.

"Working with Mia was a great experience. This was my first time dealing with a realtor and Mia made it very  comfortable. My husband and I thought we would be able to sell our home on our own but we quickly found that we  needed some professional help. We met with Mia and she advised us and created a plan to sell our property. Mia was  very committed to her job. She was always available to answer any questions. It took a few months before our property  was sold but I never felt like she wasn't devoted to us. We highly recommend Mia because she is an honest,  hardworking, professional business woman."


 Sonya Purvis

What buyers are saying...

Buyer's Testimony

"Mia is perfect, she helped me and my family buy our first house and all settled in less than a month. She's willing to  answer all questions and shows her expertise in everything she does. Thank you!"


​ Sebastien Yan

"They say buying a house can be one of the most stressfull undertakings a person can go through. In this current  economic climate, with troubled banks, failing employers and a shaky real estate market, this has never been more true.  My experience was especially daunting because this was my first time buying a condo. I went through two mortgage  applications before finally with Mia's help landing one on my third attempt. At that point i had almost given up. I am  convinced that had i used anyone else i would not have my condo today. Mia was the one calm and steady guiding  force through out the whole process. Not only did i get a beautiful condo at a great price, i also got a great deal on my  mortgage. She is very professional, courteous, never too busy to answer your calls. I felt like her only client and she  treated me like family. I intend on referring all my family and friends to her."


 Charles Ocitti

"Mia helped me buy my first home. I went through many ups and downs during the process and Mia was  always there to answer my questions and help me to feel at ease with everything. Thank you, Mia for all your patience  and expert help in the purchase of my home. I would highly recommend Mia to anyone interested in phenomenal  service when buying a home."


 Melissa Rascoe

"At the onset of purchasing my first home, I thought that the process was going to be very involved and tedious.  Acknowledging that I am a very selective person, I was not looking forward to working with a real estate agent. The  original real estate agent who I worked with gave me the impression that purchasing a home was a difficult task. In  addition they were not available when I needed them and overall, my concerns were not being resolved or my needs  met. 

 All that changed when I was introduced to Mia. The first thing she asked for to my surprise was my email address. This  was her method of providing me with up-to-date properties that were in my preferred locale and that did not exceed  my budget. Mia did not just pass on any type of properties for me to review, but she identified and recommended  properties that she would purchase for herself. Furthermore, as an agent Mia demonstrated that she had my best  interest at heart by being attentive, flexible and available. 

 When I saw my current home I wanted to get the ball rolling as soon as possible. I contacted Mia and in a very short  time (the same day!) I was able to arrange a walk through of the home. Thanks to Mia?s prompt and responsive  service, I was able to make an offer and fortunate to close the deal on my first home. When you want your own home  and you want the best service just call Mia!" 

 Kelly Ramsey

Developers Testimony

What developers and investors are saying...

"My wife and I were looking for an investment property that would meet our present financial means. So we  contacted Mia to help us find the property that was within our means. I found her to be very active in searching for  the types of properties in the Roxbury section of Boston that were well maintained and economically advantages for  us. I also found her to be very knowledgeable about the pros and cons of purchasing property, which was very  helpful in the negotiation process. She has always been available and never too busy, we always felt as if we were her  only client. We now owe a well maintained two family house in Roxbury thanks to Mia."

 Mark and Bernice Taylor

"I would sincerely like to thank you for your help in finding me two properties. I told you of the areas I would like to  purchase. And you immediately sent me listing until I found the properties I purchased. You also helped me find  tenants to occupy my mothers properties. I am sincere when I say thank you for your help and dedication."

 James Walton

"I have worked with Fort Hill Brokerage and in particular Mia for 5+ years. I have found her work ethic and  commitment to be a standard of excellence that is becoming tough to achieve in the technology age. Her strong  interpersonal skills and knowledge of the field interfaces seemlessly with industry technology to create a modern and  contemporary service that fits my needs. I have found her to be resourceful, innovative and encouraging of client  participation in the sale/purhcase process. It is these intangible skills that Mia and Fort Hill brokerage has earned my  strongest endorsement."


 Crosswinds, LLC


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